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The Emil Aaltonen Foundation, founded by the industrialist and philanthropist Emil Aaltonen in 1937, supports academic research by providing grants.

The Emil Aaltonen Foundation offers grants as a rule to Finnish-speaking researchers only.

For applicants, whose native language is not Finnish, it is possible in exceptional circumstances to grant an award if the applicant is working in what is effectively a Finnish-speaking research community (a Finnish-speaking university or research institute) and is well integrated into it.

Such applicants could be expected to master the Finnish language well enough to operate in Finnish and to communicate in the language with others in the research community. Generally the applicant would be expected to be living in Finland. Someone who is in Finland only temporarily cannot be considered a Finnish-speaking researcher by the Foundation.

In relevant circumstances it would be desirable that the referee be asked to vouch for the applicant’s Finnish skills in the letter of recommendation.

An application form is available only in Finnish.